Inside The Portable Cloud...

The Portable Cloud is a 6-Node IOT Cluster comprised of ONE MASTER Node and 5 WORKER Nodes.

This is a complete Beowulf cluster built the same way cloud providers build their environment and is meant to mimic the smaller, more affordable (and more commonly used) instances that Cloud providers offer.

Educational benefits

Most developers don't know how a cloud works... they only know how to work with the tools provided to them by cloud hosting providers and their services.

By providing a working cloud, developers & engineers can view the workings and play with the environment so as to better understand what a cloud is and how to work with one.

develop & test locally

If your production environment is a distributed architecture, shouldn't your development & test environments ALSO be distributed?

Having your own cloud for development and testing allows you to LOCALLY have control over your test and development and better enables you to duplicate your production environments locally... just on a smaller scale.

Aside from providing just a default cloud environment, we provide several different build that we that you can purchase your machine with. One of those is the 'Devops Build'

The 'Devops Build' is intended to provide everything you need out of the box to get you started in automating your build/test/deploy workflow.

Some of the software we install and configure by default is as follows:

  • Jenkins/Java/Gradle/Maven/Ant/JUnit/Tomcat

  • Git

  • Puppet

easy install devops environment

We also provide a preconfigured  'Docker Build' with monitoring.

The Docker install consists of one MASTER Node and 5 WORKER Nodes with an instance of Portainer UI as a Web Interface (for those who do not wish to do everything from the command line). 

This also hooks into a vast library of tools from Docker Library enabling instant install to your Docker Instances.


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