stop renting your cloud

Would you let your teenage daughter live in someone elses house? Then why are you letting Your data live on someone elses hardware?

Bottledwinds Portable Cloud unit's are made to be powerful, lightweight, modular and CHEAP so networking is easy and highly scalable without being a burden on the budget.

And as the SSD cards are plug-n-play, it makes it easy to configure and swap in/out new systems and configurations without alot of hassle.

Portable Cloud : CUMULUS


Being able to SEE your Cloud gives you the unique ability to learn how to build,  configure and network clouds. 


Localize your development & testing will reduce your hosting costs by 50% and decrease your development time.


A locally configured devops machine can help automate your entire development and build process without increasing cost.


Launch a containerized cloud on your own network and start building out your own services wherever you need them.

aws hosting costs vs the portable cloud

With AWS, you are renting your testing and development environments. And on average, you will spend 35-50% more month over month on cloud hosting costs for development and testing in 1 year. The Portable Cloud pays for itself within the first 6-months... and there is no more renting!

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